The International Experimentation Festival CINETORO, is pleased to present the call for cinematographic works of the 10th edition of the experimentation event dedicated to promote and encourage experimentation in film in Colombia and the world.

CINETORO opens its doors to all works that consider experimentation as a principle and / or creative engine, regardless of genre, format or technique of recording and / or animation. Works of fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, video clip, video art and experimental video can participate.

If you want a little inspiration, you can visit the Notes on Experimentation link.

Registered works to participate in the 10th edition of CINETORO must meet the following basic requirements:

The works should last between 1 to 30 minutes
The works must have been completed between 2016 and 2017
The works not spoken Castilian must be submitted with subtitles in Castilian.
Works spoken in Castilian must be submitted with English subtitles.
The producer, director or distributor (from here on «responsible for registration») of the work must fill out the registration form and send consent to info@cinetoro.com display mail in the subject’s name work and the name of the director
The manager must enter in the registration form display link, either through its own platforms responsible (vimeo, youtube, own servers) or through any of our allies means: Festhome.
The manager must have the rights of every artistic material on the work, whether image (in the case of the actors) or authoring (visual, sound, music).

CINETORO will not accept properly filled autorizations.

No DVD material will be received, registrations will be made only through our website.

Download authorization DOWNLOAD

CINETORO understands that the responsibility for the work (director, producer, distributor) owns the property rights and / or distribution. Any claims about authorship or intellectual property responsible for the work to be sent, ie the person making the registration thereof in the festival. The festival relies on the good faith of those responsible for the registration and under no circumstances be held responsible for disputes over music rights, image or authorship of the work or the elements that compose it.

The festival does not pay taxes (fees) exhibition on the works, nor charged by the registration of works at the festival, unless the responsible do it through one of our partner platforms: Festhome

Registered works may be included in the competitive and non-competitive sections of the festival, according to their consistency with the guidelines of the artistic direction and the curatorial team of the festival.


The Official Selection is the only competitive section CINETORO, delivering six awards by the following parameters:

• Best International Experimental Work.
• Best National Work Experimentation.
• Special Jury Prize.
• Award for Best Young Colombian Filmmaker.

CINETORO prizes do not include co-production scholarships or cash prizes, more if the possibility of entering an alternative distribution circuit and being exhibited at some of our allied festivals; Besides receiving the statuette of the festival, the SANTORO, statuette with movement designed by the master Carlos Santa.

CINETORO makes compilations with registered works and invited works for different audiences, continuing our vocation and work training for public and new directors:

• Frame: section with appropriate content for young audiences.
• Panorama: section with appropriate content for teen and young audience.
• Other Topics: section that compiles experiences that go beyond the boundaries of the two-dimensional image or explore alternatives that crisscross the cinema with other arts.

The artistic direction and the curatorial team of the festival the right to include selected in each of the sections mentioned works are reserved, according to its consistency with the curatorial profile of the festival.

The selected works will be notified via email and posted on our website on September 15 of this 2017.

The selected works will be sent to the festival organization through the Internet the following files:

• Complete work in .MOV format to its original resolution with H.264 compression scheme
• Trailer and / or Making Of of the work in .MOV format to its original resolution with H.264 compression scheme
• Poster of the work in JPG format 72dpi to its original size
• 1 photograph of the director of the artwork in JPG format 72dpi
• 2 Photos from behind the scenes of the artwork in JPG 72dpi
• The person responsible for the work may select on the registration form if you want your work to be included in the samples that the festival takes over the coming years, in partnership with other festivals, exhibition spaces or spaces training. These samples are non-profit, if a particular interest of any exhibitor or distributor festival may contact the responsible to discuss the terms.
• Photographs and advertising materials of the work will be used by the festival organizers for promotional purposes of the participation of the work in the festival and the festival activities.

If you have any questions about the registration process please contact us: info@cinetoro.com




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